Improved Health Care

At a unique time like this in history, we need to pour in the resources and support to families suffering from the ravages of Covid. We need to support residents who have been stuck in isolation, those struggling with mental ill health, care for our elderly, and support Care Homes who work tirelessly. We need to support charities like Marie Curie who work hard in the area of palliative care. There’s so much work to be done but as someone who has worked more than fifiteen years in pastoral care, spent my early years working as an auxiliary nurse, nursed an elderly mother-in-law with dementia, and whose father benefitted greatly from the love and care of a Care Home, I am committed to supporting and strengthening our NHS of which we are proud.

During the last Assembly, the Welsh Labour Government cut spending on the Welsh NHS despite the UK Government protecting the Health Budget. The Labour Party has been the only Party to have cut the NHS budget, and parts of Wales are reeling under some of the longest waiting times we’ve ever seen. Under the Welsh Labour Government, many local community hospitals have closed (as well as small schools). The Conservative Party are committed to reversing this trend, instead protecting community services and investing in these important facilities that are important to us all.